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Buccaneers and Buried Gold

In the year 1666 something emerged from the Caribbean sea, a great and terrible force that warped and twisted reality around it. A shimmering border of fog isolated the West Indies from the rest of the world, and now an otherworldly ocean surrounds it. Mermaids arise from the waves, borne of the ocean’s new life. Abominable mutations surge from the deep, attacking ships and shores alike. Fearful islanders turn to the only defense they have: pirates. The buccaneers of Tortuga, Port Royal, and Providence have banded together to keep the Caribbean afloat...while they plunder and loot as much as they can!

Weird on the Waves is a 224 page B&W setting and toolkit designed to give players everything they need to play pirates using their fantasy roleplaying game of choice. Within its pages are:

  • New rules for ships, sailing, naval combat
  • Rules for recovering treasure and earning XP
  • A new class of character (The Mermaid)
  • A new setting of the Weird Caribbean, complete with dozens of islands and locations
  • Two pre-made adventures to start you off on the waves
  • All the random tables and tools needed to flesh out a world of sand and sea

For use with any d20-based fantasy roleplaying game

© Kiel Chenier 2020

ISBN: 978-0-9948529-7-7


Buy Now$5.99 USD or more

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Weird on the Waves Setting and Toolkit ver 1.0.pdf 90 MB
wotw_map_collection.pdf 17 MB

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What is the current situation?

Is there a physical product that you can buy? As in, can I buy a copy of this book?

Is there a real PDF available of just the one put together with low-res photos of the pages and no content?

With no comments and no responses to questions in 7 months, is this project another dead one? 


The final PDF is released and available. Let me know if you're not able to download or access it and I'll get in touch.

Physical copies are not in the works at this time. Weird on the Waves is primarily a digital release.

(2 edits) (+1)

When you say, 'The final PDF is released and available' is this a useable PDF file, or the PDF file full of images of text that cannot be used as a PDF file that so many people have complained about?

Do you offer a money back guarantee to people who download the PDF and find they cannot use it suitably on their screen because it won't render images of text to the same resolution as it renders real PDF text to?

As an example, the sample pages you display to the right appear to be low resolution images of text and are blurred on my iPad and both blurred and hazy on my laptop screen.

I wouldn't like to think that that is the standard of the whole product you are offering to sell to people, as those images have been deliberately reduced in quality for display on the site. However, the complaints below seem to indicate that at some point in the past this was the quality of PDF you were selling to people, and your responses at the time were that you had made a deliberate decision to reduce the quality of your product and destroy your customers' enjoyment of a digital product because you believed it would deter them from stealing from you.

I am eager to buy, having my interest raised after seeing an interview with you online discussing this product, but having searched I find some two years later, no product being offered and a lot of bad publicity about a PDF, and I wonder if you have improved your offered digital product, or stand by your decision not to offer a quality product because you think we (your readers and fans) are going to steal your work.

How ironic that we are talking about piracy considering the subject matter of book.


Agreed, it would be great to have a proper, searchable (and ideally bookmarked) PDF of this book. The blurry grayish pages really bring down the usability of the book!

Besides, people usually pirate the PDF file wholesale, and not the text.


Why is the entire document a series of images? The text becomes blurry, especially if you want to zoom in on the PDF.


The rules document has been flattened to images to prevent piracy/copy pasting. I've had my work outright stolen and reposted on other platforms before.

(1 edit) (+8)

I understand that piracy is a problem but practically no other RPG publisher/creator release PDF documents in this way. In your attempt to curtail piracy you are limiting the funtcionality of the product to your customers/users.

With a PDF consisting of only images the user gets a very large document but that is sadly still very blurry and grainy.

Your stated reason to release this in B&W was to help out with printouts but the document looks terible printed on paper, due to how low resolution the images are.

There is no search functionality, which is important in a 200+ page document.

There must be other ways to limit the ability to copy the text without resorting to these types of measures. It feels strange to hobble the ones who pay you, in an attempt to get back at people who cheat you.



Ctrl+F and keyword search in RPG PDFs is so useful, it's basically a deal-breaker for me (I GM off a laptop for most things these days).


Could you reconsider this please? I'm another buyer for whom the lack of Ctrl-F on a big 200 page document is a major disadvantage. It also makes it harder to transfer and read on a Kindle.


I totally agree with this. A PDF where you cannot search for things and there are not Bookmarks is really missing something...

Will there be a POD for this?
I'm not too good at doing PDF's :-(


As of right now we have no plans for POD or print versions of Weird on the Waves. That may change in the future.

It would be wicked cool if it did :)

And here are some playtest maps from Twitter in March: https://twitter.com/KielChenier/status/1240750541409357826

Thanks for flagging those tweets; I'd given up until I looked back here by chance.

Here's a recent update from Twitter: https://twitter.com/KielChenier/status/1253384405357215745

Found this on Twitter. From Jan. 7. https://twitter.com/KielChenier/status/1214736685168095232

Feeling like I've done my dough. ☹️

any updates?


Early 2019 has come and gone. Is this product dead in the water?


Hi, when does it stop being "early" 2019? May we have a progress report?


It's "late spring" how far off is this? 

Is it coming on print as well? When if so?

thank you!!

Have there been any updates on progress recenlty?